NATO PA urges allowing Ukraine to strike targets in Russian territory

NATO flag
NATO flag

NATO members should increase military assistance to Kyiv and lift existing restrictions on the use of Western weapons against military targets in Russian territory, the Alliance’s Parliamentary Assembly (PA) declared on May 27.

The declaration was approved by a majority of over 200 representatives from all 32 Allied countries.

Michał Szczerba, Chairman of the assembly, reiterated the importance of quickly supplying Ukraine with air defense systems and other military equipment.

“They need our help; not in two years, not in two months, not even in two weeks,” the message quotes Szczerba.

“They need it now.  We must speed up and step up. Give Ukraine everything it needs.”

He added that Ukraine can only defend itself if it can strike Russian supply lines and military bases near its borders.

“It is time to recognize this reality and let Ukraine do what it must,” Szczerba continues.

“NATO will be significantly weakened, losing credibility, if we continue assisting with half measures.”

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The Ukrainian delegation stated that restrictions on strikes against military targets in Russia hinder the Kyiv’s efforts to repel the Russian offensive in Kharkiv Oblast.

“Russian terror must be stopped,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov said in a video address.

“To do this, we need your determination. We need more anti-aircraft weapons, more long-range capabilities for our soldiers. I ask you to contribute to the adoption of these decisions as much as possible.”

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