National Park Service Invites Votes in 'Fat Bear Week' Competition

The annual Fat Bear Week (FBW) competition held by Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve kicked off on September 29, with the park calling for humans to vote on the fattest bear as the mammals bulk up for winter.

“While Katmai National Park’s bears of Brooks River continue their healthy pre-winter ritual of hyperphagia-induced gorging, it will be up to you to cast your votes,” the National Park Service (NPS) wrote in a press release. “Stout sows and bulky boars will compete in head-to-head matchups as they have in years past, with the addition of two days for chunky cubbies to compete for a spot in the Fat Bear Week bracket.”

These videos shared by the National Park Service show the winner of last year’s contest, number 747, lumbering around the Brooks River. Voting for the chubbiest bear closes on October 5. Credit: National Park Service via Storyful

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