Natalie Tong dismisses awkwardness with Roxanne Tong

1 Jul – Natalie Tong recently dismissed the idea that things are awkward between her and Roxanne Tong, now that it is known that the latter is dating Kenneth Ma.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who was romantically linked to her "Big White Duel" co-star prior to the new revelation, stated that the romance rumours between her and Kenneth had been circulating for a long time and that she hopes the couple will end up getting married.

"I think that when they finally get married, I will finally be off the hook," she added.

Natalie also revealed that their group of friends have been teasing Kenneth non-stop for being MIA from their group chat since news of his new relationship made headlines.

When asked if the actor will organise a dinner gathering to officially introduce Roxanne to the group, Natalie said that the actor is not one to do such a thing.

"He may also have to wait for me and Jazz Lam to wrap up filming before doing so," she added.

As for her own love life, she said, "I am too busy with work. It's hard to get to know other people right now."

When mentioned that Kenneth was able to meet Roxanne despite his busy schedule, the actress laughed and said, "That's because he's smart. I am not as smart as him. They are also both working in the company, so it is easier."

(Photo Source: Natalie Tong Instagram)