Nashville Park Littered With Trash as Flooding Devastates Region

Flooding devastated Nashville, Tennessee, on Sunday, March 28, damaging structures and elevating rivers to record water levels, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Footage shared by Nashville resident Abbey Chiavario shows Whitsett Park in South Nashville covered in trash washed in by floodwaters.

“It is rolls of black industrial trash bags, white ‘thank you’ takeout bags, styrofoam containers (unused in bags), styrofoam cups (unused in bags), blue service gloves,” she wrote in an Instagram caption. “It is 10 feet into the trees.”

“This park is one of my community’s greatest joys,” she continued. “It’s used very often, and the creek is beautiful.”

“It floods often, and sometimes things like paper will wind up stuck in the trees, but no one around here has ever seen it like this,” Chiavario wrote.

A community cleanup at the park was scheduled for April 11 at 2 pm, according to Chiavario’s post.

Rivers and creeks would remain flooded for the next few days, the NWS forecast on Monday. Credit: Abbey Chiavario via Storyful