Nashville Mayor Declares State of Emergency After Tornado Slams Tennessee

Nashville Mayor John Cooper declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, March 3, after a tornado swept through central Tennessee and killed at least 22 people, according to official reports.

Cooper said the emergency declaration was a “critical resource” meant to streamline officials’ efforts to obtain and distribute supplies for people impacted by the tornado.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) said the storms hit several counties, including Davidson, Wilson, and Putnam. TEMA reported about 48,000 power outages in Davidson County, home to Nashville. About 17,000 people were without power in Wilson County and 8,000 in Putnam County and Jackson County.

The Tennessee Department of Health confirmed 22 deaths but the number of injured people was not yet reported, according to a TEMA update.

This video shows overturned U-Haul trucks, damaged buildings, and debris scattered across the streets of Nashville. Credit: @cameron_cavaricci via Storyful