NASA scrubs Artemis I launch due to engine issue

The launch of Artemis I, an unmanned mission set to blast off on Monday morning that aimed to resume NASA’s program of sending people to the moon, was canceled after engineers were unable to resolve an issue in one of the rocket's four engines.

Video transcript

- This is Artemis launch control with an update. Launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson has called a scrub for today. Again, launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson has called a scrub of the attempt of launch of Artemis 1 and the Space Launch System with the Orion spacecraft.

The issue that came up was an engine bleed that couldn't be remedied. But the rocket is currently in a stable configuration. It was mostly tanked, but not completely tanked. Engineers are now working on a plan to continue gathering data about this particular engine and the bleed that didn't work out.