Nara Smith's 3 Kids: All About Rumble Honey, Slim Easy and Whimsy Lou

Nara Smith shares one son and two daughters with her husband, model Lucky Blue Smith

<p>Nara Smith Instagram</p> Nara Smith. /  Nara Smith and Rumble Honey Smith.

Nara Smith Instagram

Nara Smith. / Nara Smith and Rumble Honey Smith.

Nara Smith is an all-star mother to her three children, Rumble Honey, Slim Easy and Whimsy Lou, on and off social media.

Nara married Lucky Blue Smith on Feb. 21, 2020, and seven months later, they welcomed their first child, Rumble Honey. The model went on to give birth to her second child, Slim Easy, in 2022 and her third, Whimsy Lou, in 2024. Lucky was already a father to his daughter, Gravity, whom he shares with model Stormi Bree.

Nara first became popular on TikTok for her viral cooking videos. Known for making conventional dishes and desserts from scratch, the content creator uses her platform to explain the process behind how she makes her meals and sweet treats for Lucky and her children.

She has also been open about her experience as a young mom, having welcomed three kids before turning 23. In a March 2024 TikTok, Nara shared how she planned to have children at a young age.

“I’ve always wanted to be a young mom because growing up my dad would always tell us that he regrets having kids later in life, so I took that advice and it’s one of the best decisions I could have made,” she said in the video. “I know it’s not for everyone.”

From her struggles with having three kids in close succession to their favorite special treats, here’s everything to know about Nara Smith’s kids.

Rumble Honey Smith, 3

<p>Nara Smith Instagram</p> Nara Smith with her daughter, Rumble Honey Smith, in April 2022

Nara Smith Instagram

Nara Smith with her daughter, Rumble Honey Smith, in April 2022

Nara and Lucky welcomed their first child together, Rumble Honey, on Oct. 7, 2020. The little girl was born less than a year after the young couple wed on Feb. 21, 2020.

Nara announced Rumble's birth with a sweet photo of the baby girl wrapped in a blanket on her Instagram, writing, “little baby angel Rumble Honey 🥺 10/7/20.”

In an Instagram Q&A in April 2024, Nara shared that Rumble was her toughest pregnancy. She explained that she experienced a lot of sickness throughout the pregnancy causing her to lose weight.

“I lost 25 pounds, my anxiety was so bad and I was always so tired,” she wrote. “It’s so interesting how different every pregnancy is!”

Slim Easy Smith, 2

<p>Nara Smith Instagram</p> Slim Easy Smith in November 2023.

Nara Smith Instagram

Slim Easy Smith in November 2023.

Slim Easy, Nara and Lucky’s second child and first son, was born on Jan. 6, 2022, a little over a year after they welcomed Rumble.

In September 2021, the couple shared the news that they were expecting their second child in an Instagram post with a photo of Lucky excitedly hugging Nara's pregnant belly. Lucky teased Slim’s name in the caption, writing, “Boy or girl? Can't wait to meet you, S.”

Rumble and Slim have a small age gap, which was Nara's intention. In an Instagram Q&A, she told fans that she always wanted her kids to be close in age. She added that while she had both of her children young, she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out on living a normal life for a “girl in her 20s.”

“I know that 22 is considered young nowadays, to be having kids but I love being a young mom and growing with my kids,” she wrote. “I never feel like I’m ‘missing out’ or not ‘living life’ like a girl in her 20s. Everyone’s concept of what they want in life is unique to them and I wouldn’t change my journey at all.”

For Slim’s 2nd birthday in 2023, Nara arranged a Krispy Kreme donut tower, calling it her new “tradition” for her children’s birthdays going forward. “Can’t believe how quickly time flies and how I’ve got a 2 year old best friend now🤍,” she wrote in the caption.

Whimsy Lou Smith

<p>Nara Smith Instagram</p> Nara Smith cuddling with her newborn daughter, Whimsy Lou Smith, in April 2024

Nara Smith Instagram

Nara Smith cuddling with her newborn daughter, Whimsy Lou Smith, in April 2024

After announcing she was expecting baby no. 3 in December 2023, Nara was vocal about her experiences with her third pregnancy on TikTok.

On April 11, 2024, Nara and Lucky announced the birth of their daughter, Whimsy Lou, who was born a few days earlier on April 8, through an Instagram Reel showing some snippets of the baby's first days, including a clip of her older siblings giving her a kiss.

“Our little angel has arrived! Meet Whimsy Lou Smith 🤍,” she captioned the post.

In an Instagram Q&A where fans asked Nara questions about her life as a mother and her pregnancy, the content creator admitted she was originally “adamant” about not having any more kids before getting pregnant with Whimsy.

“That kind of shifted earlier this year since I felt like something was missing and kept having a feeling that our family wasn’t complete yet,” she wrote.

“Lucky always wanted us to have a third but he respected me making my own decision on it,” Nara added. “We decided that it was now or never since I didn’t want them to have huge age gaps and love how close Rumble and Slim are.”

A week after Whimsy arrived, Nara shared her experience welcoming her in a home birth. She explained that she had been in prodromal labor for two weeks before her little girl was born, but it wasn't until she felt her "strongest contraction" at 1:30 a.m. that she knew Whimsy was on her way.

"At this point everything became foggy and I vaguely remember yelling at Lucky to call our midwife while I was on all fours leaning on our bed," she wrote on Instagram. "During one of my contractions I realized that our midwife’s wouldn’t make it in time and I had to trust my body to guide her into this world."

Lucky delivered Whimsy himself and, 15 minutes later, the midwife arrived to help the couple.

"When I heard the birds starting to chirp outside our window we drifted off with our newest addition to our family, little Whimsy Lou🤍," she wrote.

Since the couple are known for naming their children with unique monikers, Nara's fans were excited to hear what their latest addition's name would be. After Whimsy's birth, Nara posted a TikTok revealing the baby names they considered instead.

“These are some baby names that I loved, but I didn't use this time around. For reference, our kids have pretty unique names. Our daughter's name is Rumble Honey Smith, our son's name is Slim Easy Smith and then we just had little Whimsy Lou Smith,” she said in the video. “So these might be a little out there. A little bit more controversial, but in case someone needs any ideas for their kids.”

Nara said she considered names Tank, Bow, Lemon, Plum, Clementine, Pippin, Dottie and Ivy for a little girl. She added that boy names were “a little bit trickier” for her to decide on.

“But we had the name Halo on our list. Dusk, also Dew, Mercer and Flick,” she said. “So yeah. Those were some names that we didn't end up using but that were still on my list.”

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