Naples goes wild after team takes Italy's top title

STORY: Naples football fans explode with joy

after their team takes Italy's top title

[Napoli fan]

"I've been waiting for the Napoli Scudetto since I was small. I cried alot. It's a victory for the entire city, it's wonderful. It's stupendous."

It's been more than three decades since

Napoli took the Serie A title

[Location: Naples, Italy]

They took the crown after a

1-1 draw against Udinese

[Roberto Santoniello, Napoli fan]

"At last! It's a joy. It is the first one for me. I am young but my father, my grandfathers have passed on to me this joy, It's an incredible thing. I am overjoyed."

[Napoli fan]

"This is something that comes from the heart. We die for Naples."