Nanoka Aoki remembers husband a year after his passing



21 Sep – It's been a year since actor Toma Kajita passed away, and wife Nanoka Aoki recently took to social media to express her thoughts about her year of loss.

On 19 September, Nanoka shared two photos including a photo of their little family, and wrote, "Visiting Kaji-kun's grave in Osaka for his one-year of passing. There hasn't been a day in the past year that I have forgotten about him. It's somewhere in my mind and before I knew it, I was thinking about it and my tears would flow."

"It's like the months and the days are just passing by. I wonder if I will accept it gradually. You never know when people will suddenly leave, to lose your love suddenly is something that can happen to anyone. I wish you were here next to me," she added.

Nanoka admitted that being sad doesn't change anything, and that she will try her best to live a happy life.

The couple, who met after working in "Koiste", tied the knot in November 2020. Their first child was born in 2021.

On 16 September 2022, it was reported that Toma has passed away, but no details were released as to the cause of his death. He was 22.


Toma left behind his wife and daughter .. gone but not forgotten
Toma left behind his wife and daughter .. gone but not forgotten


(Photo Source: Nanoka Aoki IG)