Nancy Pelosi meets Taiwan president, vows "ironclad" commitment

STORY: Pelosi arrived in Taipei late on Tuesday (August 2) on an unannounced but closely watched trip, which has drawn condemnation and vows of retaliation from Beijing.

After addressing Taiwan's Parliament, Pelosi met with Tsai at the presidential office, where she received a medal of honour for her steadfast support of the island’s democracy. Now more than ever, America's solidarity with Taiwan is crucial, Pelosi told Tsai, adding that America's determination to preserve democracy in Taiwan and the rest of the world remains ironclad. Tsai said that Taiwan is a reliable partner of the United States and will continue to work with the U.S. to strengthen collaboration in security, economic development and supply chains.

Beijing demonstrated its anger with Pelosi's presence on an island that it says is part of China with a burst of military activity in the surrounding waters, and by summoning the U.S. ambassador in Beijing, and announcing the suspension of several agricultural imports from Taiwan.

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