Najee Harris

Fearless Forecast: 1260 TOTAL YDS, 65 REC, 12 TD
Projected Rank: 5

Video transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: Fun fact for anyone who doesn't think that Najee Harris was a special running back last year-- he actually led all running backs in total missed tackles on both rush attempts and receptions combined. He was really good. In fact, he was pretty great.

He was also one of only four backs to reach 300 touches last year. No one does that anymore. There are no more featured, every-down running backs. He's one of them. He actually led the NFL in total touches with 381. That is a crazy total in this era.

He led all running backs in receptions. That's a good thing. Do you use any kind of PPR? You probably do. If you don't think he's in line for another massive workload this season, you are mistaken. I'm going to forecast 1,260 rushing yards for Harris this year, 65 catches for another 410 yards, 12 total touchdowns.

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