Watch Nadine Dorries repeatedly shout 'you're boring' at Keir Starmer

Nadine Dorries has made no secret of her unwavering support for Boris Johnson, and she once again showed her loyalty to the outgoing PM during a debate in parliament on Monday – in an unconventional way.

Amid a heated debate on whether MPs should have confidence in Johnson's government after a string of scandals lead to its collapse, Dorries could be seen repeatedly shouting: "You're boring", at Keir Starmer.

Dorries heckled the Labour leader as he referenced a letter written by Rishi Sunak about the prime minister.

Sunak wrote the resignation letter earlier this month citing irreconcilable differences over how to manage the economy and the prime minister's competency.

"[Sunak] suggested the prime minister is not prepared to work hard, or take difficult decisions," said Starmer. "And implied the prime minister cannot tell the public the truth.

"[Tory MPs] all read the letter, they know what he said."

The culture secretary, who was seated next to Johnson, then began rolling her eyes and her head shouting: "Boring!... You're boring!" for several seconds.

Nadine Dorries was spotted shouting at Keir Starmer from across the House of Commons on Monday. (

Dorries has been heavily critical of Tory MPs that moved to remove Johnson after a string of scandals ended his premiership.

The prime minister was bullish in his penultimate appearance in the House of Commons.

In one of his final speeches to MPs in office, Johnson recounted that he had "got Brexit done", had delivered on "every single one" of the government's promises and had managed the pandemic well.

"I am proud of what we have done, and I am proud of the way that I have been able to offer leadership in difficult times," he said.

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Following the debate, MPs supported a confidence motion in his government by 349 votes to 238.

Johnson is set to face MPs for the last time as prime minister on Wednesday at prime minister's questions.

It comes as the remaining four Tory leadership hopefuls enter another round of balloting on Tuesday afternoon, where the MP with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated

Tom Tugenhadt became the latest MP to be knocked out of the contest on Monday night.

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