Nabila Razali disappointed over joke about her singing ability

3 Jan – Nabila Razali recently expressed her disappointment over a joke made by comedian Atu from ZERO about her singing ability.

On 1 January, the singer shared a TikTok clip on Instagram Story from the reality singing competition "The Masked Singer Malaysia", in which the judges try to guess the identity of the singer behind the mask.

The comedian, who tried to guess a masked singer who performed Nabila's "Pematah Hati", chimed in when fellow judges said that the performer sounded like the actual singer, saying, "But Nabila can't perform live," much to everybody's protest.

Nabila expressed, "Maybe this kind of punchline is funny to some people. But for me, it is not. I'm trying my very best to improve myself each year. Only my true fans know what kind of progress that I made."

She also urged comedians to find better materials for their jokes, saying that such a joke is no different from body shaming.

"I'm not mad at him at all. Just a little disappointed," she added.

Zero's Atu made a joke about Nabila's ability to sing live
Zero's Atu made a joke about Nabila's ability to sing live

(Photo Source: Nabila Razali IG, Atu IG)