N.Y.C. Man Bitten by Snake He Found in His Bathtub While Trying to Flush It Down the Toilet

Steve Nahama thought the reptile was "a worm of some sort" when he first saw it

<p>Ethan Ramirez/Getty</p> Corn snake

Ethan Ramirez/Getty

Corn snake

A New York City man had a scary encounter with a snake he found in his bathroom — and ended up getting bitten while attempting to get rid of it.

Steve Nahama of Brooklyn made a shocking discovery when unexpectedly found a corn snake in his bathtub on Wednesday, June 19.

Speaking with local CW affiliate WPIX, Nahama said that he had just woken up at the time and initially thought the reptile was "a worm of some sort." Then, when he tried to flush it down the toilet, the snake bit him.

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In a statement to PEOPLE, the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information described the reptile as being a corn snake — which are not venomous and are legal in New York City — that was "approximately 18' inches long."

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Police went on to say the snake bit the man on his index finger and that afterwards, he "put it down back inside the tub."

<p>Boy_Anupong/Getty</p> Corn snake


Corn snake

After putting the snake down, the man “then called 911 and an emergency service unit arrived and removed the snake safely without any further incidents to the Animal Shelter in Queens,” police said.

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Once EMS arrived, Nahama’s snake bite was observed at the scene and was in stable condition.

As for how the snake got there, Nahama told WPIX that it wasn't his, but that his best guess was it entered his apartment through the sewer system.

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