N. Koreans worry over Kim's weight loss: State TV

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un is apparently losing weight, so quickly that people in that country are worried for him.

That's according to North Korea's tightly-controlled media, and before-and-after videos compiled by Reuters do show he does seem noticeably thinner.

For example, earlier this month North Korean TV aired footage of Kim attending a party meeting, but a different video that's said to be from only about four months earlier in February -- and is shot from the same angles -- shows a different figure.

Foreign analysts had noticed the change several weeks ago and on Sunday (June 27) North Korean TV offered rare segment on Kim's health.

It broadcast video of North Koreans watching Kim on television. This man, said to be a Pyongyang resident, is saying that the leader looks "emaciated" and that it breaks the people's hearts.

It's not clear why Kim may have lost weight, and the report didn't offer any details.

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