N. Korea says Biden policy shows hostile U.S. intent

North Korea lashed out at the United States on Sunday (May 2) in a series of statements - saying recent comments from Washington are proof of hostile intent, that require a response from Pyongyang.

The statements, put out by state news agency KCNA, come after the White House on Friday said U.S. officials had completed a months-long review of North Korean policy.

One saw a foreign ministry spokesman accusing Washington of insulting the dignity of the country's supreme leadership by critiquing North Korea's human rights record.

The unnamed spokesman added that the remarks show the U.S. is, quote, "girding itself up for an all-out showdown" with North Korea - and will be answered accordingly.

In a separate statement, Kwon Jong Gun, director general of the foreign ministry's U.S. affairs department cited Biden's first policy speech to Congress on Wednesday.

The new president had said nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran posed threats that would be addressed through "diplomacy and stern deterrence."

Something Kwon branded illogical, and an encroachment on North Korea's right to self-defense.

He added that U.S. talk of diplomacy is aimed at covering up its 'hostile acts' - and its deterrence is just a means for posing nuclear threats to North Korea.

Kwon concluded that North Korea would quote, "be compelled to press for corresponding measures" now Biden's policy has become clear, adding that with time the U.S. will "find itself in a very grave situation".

In a third statement on Sunday, Kim Yo Jong, a senior official in the government and sister of leader Kim Jong Un, sharply criticized South Korea for failing to stop defector activists from producing anti-North Korea leaflets.

The White House and State Department did not immediately comment on the North Korean statements.