Mysterious glowing objects spotted in the night sky over northern China

Late at night on May 2, many residents in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, captured footage of multiple unidentified glowing objects streaking across the night sky, creating a spectacular scene. Videos taken by local residents show several blue-white light objects with long white trails moving quickly across the dark sky. Mr Xue, a resident of the Dao Wai district in Harbin, reported that he saw about ten bright spots flashing in the night sky with each one dragging a long tail. "The bright lights moved quickly, and they disappeared after about 20 seconds," he said. Mr Zhao, a resident of Songbei district, also witnessed the phenomenon. "The glowing objects flew very low and were shaped like meteors," he said. "Many residents were taking photos with their phones, but they didn't hear any other unusual sounds because it was very windy at the time." On the morning of May 3, staff members at the Heilongjiang Meteorological Observatory said that the situation did not fall under their jurisdiction, and they had not detected any anomalies. Staff members at the Harbin Science and Technology Bureau also said that they had not monitored any related situations and were unsure what was causing the lights. According to Zhu Jin, a researcher at the Beijing Planetarium, from the speed and duration of the lights, it is highly likely that the phenomenon was caused by the disintegration of spacecraft or other human-made objects entering the atmosphere, resulting in the appearance of such glowing objects. Meteorites typically move much faster and usually disappear in less than a second. The video was provided with local media’s permission.