Mysterious color changing fish puts on beautiful display

The whitespotted file fish is a beautiful species that lives throughout the Caribbean Ocean. These two gorgeous creatures were seen in the waters of Belize. They were as curious about the scuba diver as the diver was about them. Whitespotted filefish are able to control their pigmentation and change color at will. This is likely for camouflage but it may also serve as communication. They grow to approximately 45cm (18 inches) in length. They have strong teeth for eating coral polyps, their only food. The polyps that they prey on cause the fish to take on a unique smell that disguises them from predators. The whitespotted filefish is not aggressive, but their large teeth would render a nasty bite if they were cornered or harassed. As with most ocean creatures, a slow and cautious approach will often allow a close look at them as they feed or explore the reef. These fish are often seen in pairs. They drift slowly along, picking at coral during the daylight hours. Capable of impressive speeds if they feel threatened, these fish can easily put distance between themselves and other animals if they wish to. Very little is known about these fascinating creatures. They are as mysterious as they are beautiful.