Myanmar's junta bans telecom executives from leaving

The Myanmar military have banned telecommunications firm executives from leaving the country without permission.

The confidential order was introduced in mid June said senior executives.

Both foreigners and Myanmar nationals must seek authorization if they wish to set foot outside the country.

Telecom businesses were also sent a second letter telling them they had until Monday July 5 to fully implement intercept technology that allows authorities to spy on calls.

The spyware also tracks messages and web traffic.

Reuters has not seen the orders but spoke to someone with direct knowledge of the matter.

The military did not respond to requests for comment.

After seizing power in a coup in February, the military announced their aim to pass a cybersecurity bill.

It also amended privacy laws to free security forces to intercept communications.

The source said the travel ban on executives was meant to pressure telecoms to finish activating the spyware.

Three other telecoms sources, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said the authorities had stepped up pressure on the companies to implement the intercept but declined to elaborate further.

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