Myanmar's bloodiest day of protest since coup

At least two people have been killed in Myanmar, in the city of Mandalay, in what is believed to be the single bloodiest day of protests against the military coup almost three weeks ago.

A local volunteer emergency service reported the deaths on Saturday.

The ongoing demonstrations have hit several cities but in Mandalay, the situation escalated when security forces were confronted by shipyard workers who had gone strike, and other protesters.

Some of them fired catapults at police in a cat and mouse game through the city streets.

Police responded with tear gas and gun fire. Witnesses say they have found both rubber bullets and live ammunition on the ground.

In addition to the dead, at least 22 people are reportedly injured.

The protesters, who have ranged from ethnic minorities to rappers, show no sign of relenting.

Elsewhere in Myanmar a memorial ceremony for Mya Thwate Thwate Khaing, (MYAH TWAIT-TWAIT KANG) the 20-year-old protester who had been shot in the head at an earlier demonstration.

She had been on life support for 10 days before she died on Friday, becoming the first death among opponents of the coup.

The military says one police officer has also died, and blames protesters for instigating violence.