Myanmar protesters train with ethnic armed group

Running in formation and chanting "for the people", around 120 youth in Myanmar released a video this month, calling themselves the new fighting force against the Myanmar military.

A founder of the group, Mon Mon, said her United Defense Force was made up of protesters against the February 1 coup.

The handout images are the first to appear that show former protesters in training with ethnic armies on Myanmar's borderlands.

A sign of the country's deepening crisis.

Most are students in their 20s but some are older adults and Generation Z, said Mon Mon, and that around 1000 people were in the organization.

Apart from handout images Reuters was unable to independently verify the details.

Mon Mon added that the group was not big enough to operate independently so would need to cooperate with ethnic armed groups or the newly formed parallel government called the National Unity Government set up by the junta's civilian rivals.