Myanmar airs allegations of bribery against Suu Kyi


Myanmar's military broadcast a video of a top official accusing former leader Aung San Suu Kyi of taking bribes, on Tuesday (March 23).

In the testimony, the former city chief of Yangon alleges he gave Suu Kyi money, gold bars, and even silk "whenever needed".

Spokesman Zaw Min Tun also downplayed the number of casualties from the widespread crackdown on people protesting against miltary rule.

He said that only 164 demonstrators were killed.

However, a tally by local activists is higher.

They put the number just above 260 people since the military coup on February 1st.

The spokesman also accused protesters of widespread destruction of property.

That comes as friends and family mourn the deaths of protesters.

Including two teenage boys - the youngest known civilians killed in the military crackdown.

One of them is 14-year-old Tun Tun Aung.

Radio Free Asia Burmese reported he was shot by security personnel at his front door on Monday, when he went out to fetch some drinking water for his mother who had to witness an open casket funeral for her son only a day later.

"I said to him 'my son, you are so young. If you want to follow (the protest), I will accompany you and cheer you on.' But now, this breaks my heart."

The junta has tried to justify the coup by saying last year's election won by Suu Kyi's party was a fraud - an accusation rejected by the electoral commission.