Mutant COVID-19 strains from India hit Nepal

Over the border from India, Nepal is struggling to contain a rapid rise of COVID-19 cases.

The Himalayan state reported over three thousand new infections on Sunday (April 25) - the highest daily surge recorded this year.

Experts fear the more infectious mutant strains emerging out of India are spreading across Nepal.

Bijaya Adhikari's husband is struggling to breathe but despite being at the hospital, they're struggling to get help.

In the capital Kathmandu, the hospitals are feeling the strain.

"We have brought him (to the hospital) in an ambulance as he was facing breathing difficulties. The doctors haven't attended to him. Everyone is busy."

Nepal launched its vaccination campaign in January and gave shots to 1.9 million people.

They were all provided by India and China.

But health experts fear the vaccines are running out after officials failed to get hold of more vaccine from India or any other source.

Over 90 developing nations, including Nepal, rely on India for the doses to protect their own populations.

But India has now prioritized its own needs as a second wave of the epidemic there has run out of control.

A public health expert warns that if the trend continued for a week in Nepal then new patients will be unable to find any beds.

With one local doctor saying the country risks becoming a mini-India.