‘We must not fail’: Liz Cheney warns Trump ‘threatens to unravel our Republic’ and must be defeated

Liz Cheney has lashed out at former President Donald Trump branding him a threat “to unravel our Republic” who must be defeated in November.

“Take a few minutes today to read David McCullough’s speech: ‘The Glorious Cause of America,’” the Republican former Wyoming lawmaker wrote on X on July 4.

She added: “For 248 years, our freedom has survived. Now, its defense is up to us. We must defeat the former president who threatens to unravel our Republic. We must not fail.”

Washington Post opinion columnist Jen Rubin responded: “[Magnificent] and oh, so timely. Washington knew [there] was a time to retreat and a time to attack and the force of character to lead others with him.”

She added: “Discretion, judgment, character. That is what we need.”

Cheney was ousted from her role in the House Republican leadership and subsequently lost her seat in a GOP primary, because of her opposition to Trump and her work on the January 6 Select Committee investigating the 2021 insurrection.

She was one of just 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump after the Capitol riot.

On Sunday, Cheney slammed Trump for sharing a meme that suggested that she’s “guilty of treason” and called for “televised military tribunals.”

“Donald – This is the type of thing that demonstrates yet again that you are not a stable adult – and are not fit for office,” she wrote at the time.

Early last month, Cheney’s political action committee shared an ad focused on D-Day in which the former Congresswoman took aim at Trump.

“America deserves a president as good and steadfast as our nation, a president of character, driven by a noble purpose, one who honors the sacrifices of our troops,” she said in the ad. “Not a man consumed by spite, revenge, and self-pity.”

Cheney was a co-chair of the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riot and only one of two Republicans to serve on the panel.

On January 6, 2021, a mob of Trump supporters laid siege to the Capitol in an attempt to stop the certification of the 2020 electoral college results to keep Trump in office against the will of the American people.

Trump has attacked Cheney on several occasions as he attempts to undermine the findings of the committee, which found that Trump and his campaign took part in a “multi-part conspiracy” to reverse the election results and that he didn’t take action to stop the mob attacking Congress.

The former president has called for the members of the panel to be prosecuted and his allies in the House Republican conference have pushed federal courts and the Supreme Court to overturn its conclusions.

Two former Trump officials – Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro – have gone to prison for defying congressional subpoenas in connection to the Capitol riot. They were both sentenced to four months in prison for contempt of Congress.