Muslim Leaders in Michigan Axe Meeting With Biden Campaign

Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images
Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images

A meeting between Joe Biden’s campaign manager and Arab and Muslim American leaders in Dearborn, Michigan was canceled Friday after invitees expressed outrage over Biden’s continued support of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, according to The Detroit News. A campaign manager was expected to meet with 10 to 15 Arab American officials and representatives from community organizations on Friday afternoon. Assad Turfe, who was organizing the event said, “until there's a cease-fire, the overall consensus in the community is they're not welcome here, essentially.” Dearborn Mayor Abdullah H. Hammoud posted a statement about the canceled event on X. “Dearborn residents have tirelessly protested and organized in demand of a ceasefire. As their mayor, I follow their lead,” he wrote. “I will not entertain conversations about elections while we watch a live-streamed genocide backed by our government,” he added.

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