Musk election tweets may be bad for business: analyst

STORY: Musk tweeted on Monday to his more than 110 million followers, "Shared power curbs the worst excesses of both parties, therefore I recommend voting for a Republican Congress, given that the Presidency is Democratic," marking the first time a major social media CEO explicitly took a side in U.S. elections.

In an interview with Reuters, Kerry Fields, Professor of Law and Ethics at the USC Marshall School of Business, said, "By taking such a direct and almost insistent opinion as to how Americans should vote on the eve of the US elections, it doesn't invite considered public opinion. In many ways it will hurt his business and it certainly invites scrutiny by Congress."

Fields suggested Twitter needs to adopt Musk's proposed moderation board immediately, adding that, "Instead, he just wants to take the mic and broadcast his brief and somewhat ill advised opinions. It'll hurt his stock. It'll certainly hurt his notions of attracting corporate advertising."