Can Musk get a better Twitter deal?

STORY: The market value of the social media company dropped to $36 billion by May 10

That's $8 billion below what Elon Musk offered on April 25

Musk sold some Tesla shares and raised a loan against his remaining stock to partly fund the deal

Some investors think that caused the EV company to lose a quarter of its value

And renegotiating a lower price for Twitter could take the pressure off Tesla

Musk can threaten to walk away unless Twitter's board agrees to reopen talks

But he would be obligated to pay a $1 billion break-up fee

If Twitter chose to sue, it could end up costing Musk even more in damages

He waived his right to carry out due diligence when he negotiated the deal

That would make it harder for him to argue he was misled over its value