Musk at AI Safety Summit as Biden regulates tech: The Standard podcast

Musk at AI Safety Summit as Biden regulates tech (PA Wire)
Musk at AI Safety Summit as Biden regulates tech (PA Wire)

Elon Musk jetted into the UK to join US vice president Kamala Harris for an international conference focussing on the threats and opportunities of artificial intelligence.

The two-day AI Safety Summit at the Second World War top-secret code breaking HQ at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, features tech moguls and politicians representing countries including Germany, Japan and China.

It comes after Biden just signed an executive order meant to create safeguards and security standards around artificial intelligence.

SpaceX boss and Open AI co-founder Musk said AI poses one of humanity’s biggest threats, but warns about the race to legislate.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had billed the summit as a chance for Britain to lead the world in establishing agreement on the safe use of the self-learning technology.

He said the goal is to “agree on the risks of AI, to inform how we manage them, discuss how we can collaborate better internationally, look at how safe AI can be used for good globally”.

Harris will stress American leadership on AI regulation at the summit, while the White House says the new US AI Safety Institute will work alongside its UK counterpart.

In this episode of the Standard podcast, we’ll look at the significance of the Bletchley Park conference, concerns of bias in police datasets - and how close the tech is to passing the Turing ‘intelligence’ test.

The Standard podcast is joined by Dr Jeni Tennison, executive director of Connected by Data, who’s a specialist in data and AI governance.

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