Musk 2018 tweets 'false and misleading' -court filing

STORY: A federal judge has ruled that Elon Musk’s tweets in 2018 about having secured funds to take Tesla private were false.

That’s according to Tesla investors who are suing the electric car maker’s CEO over money they said they lost after shares of Tesla plunged in the ensuing days.

According to the investor filing, a judge ruled on April 1st that Musk’s tweets were “false and misleading,” and said that the court (quote) “held that he recklessly made the statements with knowledge as to their falsity.”

Musk last Thursday again claimed that funding actually had been secured to take Tesla private in 2018.

On Friday, investors asked the judge to block the billionaire from his "public campaign to present a contradictory and false narrative regarding" his 2018 tweets.

The case is set to go to trial in May.

Musk had settled with U.S. securities regulators over what the agency found to be false statements in the tweets, paying fines and agreeing to have a lawyer approve some of his tweets before posting them.

He is now trying to nullify that settlement with the SEC, accusing the agency of harassing him with investigations.

The Tesla legal maneuverings come as Musk is attempting to buy Twitter and take it private. The social media company adopted a poison pill in an attempt to block him from increasing his stake in the company.

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