Musician Plays 'You'll Never Walk Alone' on London Rooftop Amid New Isolation Guidelines

A day after the introduction of what UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson termed “draconian” new measures to control the spread of COVID-19, London-based classical musician Meghan Cassidy decided to raise spirits with a public performance.

Cassidy took to the rooftop of a building on Baker Street in the Marylebone area of London to play You’ll Never Walk Alone on March 17.

As the Londoner played the evocative tune from the 1945 musical, Carousel (though more commonly known as the anthem of Liverpool Football Club) her mother, Jan Cassidy, was on-hand to capture the footage.

The video was later shared on the Marylebone Music Festival’s social media accounts, of which the musician is the artistic director.

Cassidy told Storyful that she was, “performing to keep up the spirits during this difficult time.” Posting the video to Facebook she added “we’re all in this together.” Credit: Meghan Cassidy via Storyful