Musical diary of natural sounds to celebrate Earth Day

Ted White began collecting the recordings that range from caiman in the Amazon river to storms off the north coast of Scotland in 2015.

With the help of artists services company Platoon, the recordings, mixed with music he composed inspired by his travels, have been turned into seven records titled "Mindfulness Nature", each dedicated to a continent.

"I've tried to cover everything that you can imagine around the world within these albums. So you will go from the desert in the outback in Australia to the bitter coldness of Alaska in North America," White told Reuters.

"I had my personal goal of just wanting to create a big body of work, my musical diary of traveling... (and) to try and give people the sounds that maybe they won't be able to hear if they can't travel to those places."

White, a music producer and sound designer from Liverpool, has captured noises from nature, animals as well as cities. He also used local instruments for music.