Music returns to 'almost virus-free' Wuhan, China

An absence of masks against an abundance of music.

One of China's largest outdoor music festivals kicked off on Saturday in Wuhan - where the global health crisis first began last year.

Residents there lived through more than two months of stringent restrictions under the first lockdowns in 2020.

But since then - the city has become almost completely virus-free, according to official data.

On Saturday, nearly 11,000 people showed up to the Strawberry Music Festival held in Wuhan's Garden Expo park.

Although this year the crowd size was limited, one Wuhan-native felt the celebration was well-deserved.

"Last year we suffered from the outbreak. It has not been easy to get to where we are today where we can have a music festival like this one today. People here have put in huge efforts and paid a big price. So I feel very excited to be here."

Similar events are being held across China, including in Beijing, during the country's five day national holiday.