Music-Loving Bird Distracts Owner From Homework With Earth, Wind & Fire Song

A cockatiel who loves music sang Earth, Wind, and Fire’s iconic tune “September,” distracting his owner from homework when they couldn’t help but tap their foot along to the tune, video shared to Instagram January 24 shows.

The one-year-old cockatiel, named Leo, can sing several songs, including the nursery rhyme “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and Mozart’s “Queen of the Night.”

Leo can also say a few phrases, including “whatcha doing?” “hello baby,” “I love you,” and “pretty boy,” according to his owner.

The hilarious video was shared on Leo’s Instagram page, @leovaldez_the_cockatiel, where his owner documents his day-to-day. Credit: @leovaldezthecockatiel via Storyful

Video transcript