The Mushroom Reveal On 'The Masked Singer' Shocked Fans

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Surprise! The Mushroom from The Masked Singer had us all fooled this whole time. Pretty much no one correctly guessed his true identity, including the judges. Nicole Scherzinger does get some props for coming to the correct answer at the 11th hour during her final guess — and then Robin Thicke just copied her. But this contestant deserves a lot of credit for keeping the fans and judges alike in the dark for so long.

The Mushroom was the runner-up for season 4, only unable to beat the Sun (aka LeAnn Rimes). But second place is nothing to sneeze at, and the person under the mask was just happy to have gotten a chance to go on the show. And now even more people will know his name as well as his music, which was one of the Mushroom's biggest goals of doing the series.

Who was the Mushroom on The Masked Singer?

Thicke and Scherzinger got it right, the Mushroom was singer Aloe Blacc. You may know him from hits like "I Need a Dollar" or "Wake Me Up."

Aloe Blacc was not among most fan guesses or any of the judges' guesses until the final episode. Throughout the series, most people were guessing Jaden Smith, Todrick Hall, Taye Diggs, Anthony Ramos, and more. Viewers didn't see this reveal coming.

However, now that we do know that Aloe Blacc was under the mask, the clues make a lot of sense. He gave Nicole Scherzinger cookie dough ice cream as a nod to his "I Need a Dollar" song. Other clues that pointed to that song were the ones about cheddar, doll hair, and bucks. An egg clue and a note about how he changed his performing name were both clues to his birth name Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III. A kangaroo was a reference to his wife, Australian rapper Maya Jupiter. Some day someone will have to explain why the Mushroom had so many Mean Girls clues, but maybe that was just a nod to his daughter — Blacc's reason for going on the show.

He said that he channeled his daughter's attitude to take on the Mushroom costume, and he even sang her favorite song for his finale performance — Stevie Wonder's "I Wish." She didn't know he was on the show, but she'll know now — and she's probably going to be so proud. The judges were also proud of Blacc for all the inspiration and positivity he brought to the show. Blacc humbly said he just wanted to connect with people. "Music is truly the language that connects us all and I got a chance to experience and do just that on this stage," he said.

He may not have won the whole thing, but he won the judges' hearts, name recognition, and respect from all the viewers. Sounds like a winner to us.

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