Mushers Show off Teams for 51st Iditarod Race in Alaska

Mushers participating in the 51st Iditarod race showed off their teams during the ceremonial start in Anchorage, Alaska, on Saturday, March 4.

Footage shared by US Senator Lisa Murkowski shows mushers and dogs on 4th Avenue on Saturday.

The 51st running of the “Last Great Race on Earth” features 33 teams, primarily from Alaska, according to the Iditarod website.

Mushers and their dogs will run the southern route, which has been measured at around 998 miles.

The first musher is expected to finish on March 14 in Nome, Alaska. The race ends when the last team, known as the Red Lantern, crosses the finish line.

The official start of the race will take place on Sunday, March 5, at 2 pm local time. Credit: Lisa Murkowski via Storyful

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