Museum of Broadway to open in New York City

STORY: Location: New York

Step inside the ‘Museum of Broadway’ which shows the history and making of Broadway shows

From ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ to ‘The Lion King’ or ‘Wicked’

[Diane Nicoletti, Co-founder / Museum of Broadway]

“So, it took us five years to create the museum and it took several of those years coming up with the concept."

[Julie Boardman, Co-founder / Museum of Broadway]

“It's sort of one of those hidden obvious is like, why does it (Museum of Broadway) not exist? Broadway's been around, you know, since the 1700s. And so we just are really wanting to bring that to life, to show people to, you know, a lot of the timeline as you're walking through this immersive timeline of Broadway, you're getting this sense of, you know, basically the art that we have today wouldn't be possible had all of these other people not paved the way and broken ground and pioneered and really changed the landscape of Broadway. It's a very uniquely American art form that's developed here. And so, you know, it should be here, and it should be in Times Square. And, you know, we kind of pinch ourselves that we're the ones doing it, but no one ever did. So here we are.”

The Museum is situated in the middle of Times Square and consists of three parts

[Diane Nicoletti, Co-founder / Museum of Broadway]

“Three parts, we have the map room that tells the history of how the theater district came to be. And so, it used to actually be in the financial district, and it migrated north to present day Times Square. We have the timeline of Broadway, where we have exhibits of game changing and groundbreaking shows, as well as the actual timeline of Broadway. And then we have the making of a Broadway show, which is all of the behind-the-scenes roles that actually make a show come to life.”

The Museum of Broadway opens on November 15, 2022