Muscle car fans hold drag race near Moscow

Welcome to Russia's retro drag race scene

Dozens of American muscle cars' engines roared

during this racing event in the Moscow region

Date: 16 May, 2021

The Russian Weekend Drags races are held twice a year

by a group of fans called 'Mad Buckets'

(SOUNDBITE) (Russian) ORGANIZER, DMITRY VOYNOV, SAYING:"The oldest car here is a hardtop Chevrolet Delivery made in 1955. It was bought in America when it was new, back in 1955, and its owner used it for racing. It was racing its whole life. When the owner got old, he said that he would sell the car only if it kept racing. It was designed as a post and food delivery car, and became a great racing car."

Around 40 cars took part in races, while others were put on display