Murder suspect caught with suitcase of ‘suspicious meat’ at airport

A Brazilian murder suspect was arrested in Portugal on Monday while trying to travel back to Brazil with a suitcase full of “suspicious meat.”

Begoleã Mendes Fernandes was detained in the Lisbon Airport after arriving there from Amsterdam earlier that day. Mr Fernandes, 26, is accused of killing 21-year-old Alan Lopes in the Dutch capital on Sunday.

The Daily Mail reported Portugese officials fear that the “suspicious meat” in Mr Fernandes’ luggage was human remains, which are now being inspected at a labroatory. They also reportedly fear that Mr Fernandes engaged in cannibalism. Brazilian media also reported that Mr Fernandes is suspected of the murder.

A spokesperson for the Portuguese Borders and Immigration Service told the Mail that immigration officials were initially suspicious of Mr Fernandes’ Italian travel document and that he was initially detained for over those suspicions when authorities learned that he was the subject of a murder inquiry in the Netherlands.

There was something else that seemed amiss about Mr Fernandes’ appearance.

“He was wearing clothes with blood on them and had a package containing pieces of meat,” the borders and immigration service spokesperson told the Mail.

Mr Lopes was reportedly found dead at the North Amsterdam house he lived in with his mother and sisters. Mr Fernandes, who had reportedly been living in Amsterdam at the time of the killing, is facing possible extradition to the Netherlands depending on how the criminal case proceeds.

The investigation in that case is ongoing. If it turns out that Mr Fernandes was travelling with human remains, he may face other legal consequences as well.