Murdaugh tells prosecutors he lied in court

STORY: In his second day of cross examination, prosecutor Creighton Waters sought to portray Murdaugh as caught up in a pattern of lying and deceit, while detailing his drug use in the run-up to the murders at dog kennels on the family estate on June 7, 2021.

On Thursday during questioning from his lawyer, Murdaugh admitted to being at the kennels minutes before his wife, Maggie, 52, and 22-year-old son Paul were gunned down. Up until that point, Murdaugh had maintained he was not at the kennels.

The change in Murdaugh's account came after the jury saw cellphone video indicating his presence. Murdaugh said he lied to investigators about his whereabouts due to his distrust of the police and "paranoid thoughts" tied to his drug addiction.

On Friday, Murdaugh testified that he has sought to cooperate with the investigation, with the exception of lying about being at the kennels on the night of the shootings.

"Very cooperative except for maybe the most important fact of all: that you were at the murder scene with the victims just minutes before they died," Waters said.