Munich marks Olympic anniversary with dachshunds

STORY: Why is an Olympic anniversary being celebrated with dachshunds?

Location: Munich, Germany

The 1972 Summer Games' mascot was a dachshund named Waldi

They were a popular breed in Munich at the time

"We are celebrating the 50th anniversary this year on the occasion of the 1972 Olympic Games, and because the 1972 mascot was our Waldi, we have come up with this special day for all the Dachshunds of Munich."

Some dachshunds donned sweaters in Waldi’s colors

And strutted their way through an obstacle course and fashion show

"This is a very, very special event for me. We do meet at times, for like dachshund meetings, but those are much smaller and not such a great anniversary as this one."

"Yes, a dachshund like Daisy, they have quite a personality. And I think that's just... a dog with character, that's beautiful."

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