Pregnant Bat Recovers After Being Found Injured in Backyard

A pregnant bat has been recovering with the help of some tasty banana at a sanctuary in Queensland after being found injured in a garden.

This footage was posted online by Denise Wade, who has been caring for injured bats for more than a decade.

In the video, the bat, named Mary, can be seen wrapped in a blanket while eating a banana, as Wade explains her rescue. She added in the caption that “the jury [was] still out” on what had happened to her, but she suspected she’d been attacked.

“She was a screaming heebie when she came in,” Wade said, before adding that the bat was pregnant.

“We have to really think carefully about how we do with pregnant people, and especially very stressed ones,” she said, “so I really need her to decompress and calm down, which she’s done nicely with the banana.”

Wade regularly shares updates on the animals to her Batzilla the Bat YouTube and Facebook pages. Credit: Batzilla the Bat via Storyful

Video transcript

DENISE WADE: This beautiful girl is Mary and she was just rescued by Glenn out of a suburban backyard. What happened to you Mary? We really don't know.

DENISE WADE: Mary's got some injuries that may have been caused by a dog, but I'm not entirely convinced. She was a screaming heebie when she came in. So I've just literally given her a banana and the banana has worked its magic.

DENISE WADE: You've got another piece of news for us don't you Mary? Mary's pregnant. We have to really think carefully how we deal with pregnant people, and especially very stressed ones. So I really need her to decompress and calm down, which she's done nicely with her banana.

DENISE WADE: That's what I like to see. Don't like to hear people screaming like that. Just fear. Just absolute terror at being picked up by a big predator, wrapped in a towel.

DENISE WADE: We have to look at you to see what's wrong with you, don't we? Yeah, you're feeling a lot better now with that banana. So she's a fair way off giving birth. Most of them that we're looking at now are really in the late stages of their pregnancies. I can feel the baby in there. I mean, I'm not going to poke around too much, just enough to know that there's a baby in there.

DENISE WADE: You want some banana, darling? You can have some more sweetheart. Anyway we're going to go and get her a nice big drink now, some nice blackcurrant juice.

DENISE WADE: The eyes, she's very pretty. You're just not quite as frightened as you were before, thank heavens, you were terribly frightened. Then we're going to find you a nice warm bed, and you can have a nice little rest, OK?

DENISE WADE: Then we'll see how she looks tonight, whether she spends a night in bed or whether she goes out with the other bats. To see how her demeanor is. Oh sweetie. We'll go and get her a nice drink now. Good luck Mary.