Multiple Arrests Made After Police and Anti-Trump Protesters Clash in New York City

Police arrested 10 protesters during a clash between police and anti-Trump demonstrators on November 1 in New York City, according to reports.

Patricia Simon filmed a video that showed several people being arrested by police on 24th street in New York City.

“The persons were detained because the police ordered them to walk by the sidewalk and immediately they began to arrest them,” Simon told Storyful.

Simon added that a journalist, Chae Kihn, was among the individuals that were detained by the police. However, the New York City Police Department denied any member of the press was arrested on Sunday.

A Twitter post by the NYPD read: “All arrested individuals from today’s protests have been verified to not be NYPD credentialed members of the press.”

Simon said the man seen at the start and end of the of video wearing a green hood and dark jacket was a homeless person. Credit: Patricia Simon via Storyful