Muda veep refutes 'propaganda' to justify Undi18 delay

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Muda veep refutes 'propaganda' to justify Undi18 delay
Muda veep refutes 'propaganda' to justify Undi18 delay

Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) has refuted what it claimed was "propaganda" to justify the delay to lower the voting age from 21 to 18.

Its pro-tem vice-president Lim Wei Jiet (photo, above) noted that a narrative on social media was being promoted to suggest that the policy cannot be implemented as the state assemblies have yet to amend their constitutions.

"This is legally inaccurate. Within the jurisdiction of the state assemblies are the age limit for election candidates for state seats.

"The state assemblies do not have the power to determine or influence the voting age be it at the state or federal level.

"The voting age is the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government," Lim, who is a lawyer by training, said in a statement.

As such, he said Putrajaya's delay in implementing the new voting age had nothing to do with state legislatures.

"The federal government cannot use the excuse of waiting for the state assemblies to abdicate their responsibility on Undi18 which will deny the right to vote for millions of youths aged 18 to 20," he said.

The EC announced on Thursday (March 25) that it was delaying the lowering of the voting age to next year, despite de facto Law Minister Takiyuddin Hassan previously stating that it was on track to implement the new policy in July this year.

The election is widely speculated to be called in August when the emergency proclamation expires.

The constitutional amendment to lower the voting age was unanimously approved by the Dewan Rayat in July 2019.