'So Much for Social Distancing': New Yorkers Flock to Central Park in Sunshine

New Yorkers flocked to Central Park during sunny weather on Saturday, May 2, as the state’s governor warned that police would be enforcing social-distancing measures.

In this video, filmed at Central Park’s Sheep Meadow, numerous groups of people can be seen gathered on the grass in the sunshine. “Sheep Meadow in Central Park is bananas today. So much for social distancing,” Katie Rogers, who filmed the video, posted to Twitter.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told media that police would be enforcing mask-wearing and social distancing orders, adding that the state would not be following others in immediately easing coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

On Saturday, 100,000 face masks were distributed across New York City parks to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. There had been 18,126 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in New York City by May 2, according to reports. Credit: Katie Rogers via Storyful