MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Calls Out ‘Hurricane of Lies’ in CNN’s Trump Town Hall: An ‘Hour of Propaganda’ (Video)

Following CNN’s broadcast of a town hall with twice-impeached-once-indicted former president Donald Trump, MSNBC’s Alex Wagner devoted the bulk of Wednesday’s episode of her MSNBC show to discussing the “truly stomach-turning” things Trump said, calling the event a “hurricane of lies.”

Wagner waded into the topic by drawing parallels between serial liar and newly-indicted congressman George Santos and Trump. While talking about Trump’s many lies about the 2020 election, Wagner drew attention to the CNN town hall, which as many critics have noted, became a forum for Trump to repeatedly state those same false claims again and again.

Among those critics was Democratic congressman Jamie Raskin, who for his part said Trump’s performance was a “shameful and disgusting thing to see.”

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“He told a pack of lies tonight,” Raskin said on Wagner’s show. He later added, “I think that he is running on an explicitly authoritarian program. He is recycling the Big Lie in a very big way.”

Wagner and Raskin also criticized how Trump, when asked about people who participated in the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the capitol, defended the insurrectionists saying, among other things, that they were “proud” and had “a lobe in their heart,” and reiterated that he would pardon many of the people who have been prosecuted for their roles in the attack, should he become president again.

Wagner then described the town hall as an “hour of propaganda, lies and disinformation,” while agreeing with Raskin’s comments about Trump’s false claims, and noting that he continues to fundraise off of them.

“The hurricane of lies is almost difficult to annotate,” Wagner said.

You can watch the exchange in the video above.

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