MPs collectively recite Rukun Negara for first time in Parliament

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 — Members of Parliament regardless of party affiliation came together today to recite the Rukun Negara for the first time in Parliament.

This marks the inaugural recitation of the national principles in Dewan Rakyat as a symbolic gesture of unity and solidarity.

The Rukun Negara, comprising five fundamental principles, serves as a cornerstone of Malaysian identity and unity.

The Members of Parliament echoed these principles after morning prayers in the Dewan Rakyat.

Among the principles recited were belief in God, loyalty to the King and country, supremacy of the Constitution, rule of law, and courtesy and morality.

Rukun Negara, also spelled Rukunegara, is the five national principles of Malaysia drafted to promote unity after the deadly May 13 incident.

The Rukun Negara also includes a preamble describing Malaysia’s aspiration to become a united, democratic, just, liberal, and progressive society.

It is commonly recited in schools during weekly assemblies, and in some government functions.

The decision to recite the Rukun Negara in Parliament reflects a concerted effort by the government to promote unity and eradicate prejudice and racism.

Yesterday, Bernama reported National Unity Minister Aaron Ago Dagang as saying that the Rukun Negara will be recited in Parliament for the first time, starting with this year’s parliamentary term.

He said the reciting of the Rukun Negara, with a preamble, is to foster the spirit of unity and eliminate hatred and racism.

He added that another objective is to present leaders as role models for society.

On July 25, the Cabinet agreed that the national principles would be recited in their entirety before each parliamentary term.