MPBJ, Kota Damansara rep vow action against brazen 'Datuk Seri' homeowner who encroached on public land

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, May 26 — Kota Damansara assemblyman Shatiri Mansor has promised to personally follow up with the complaints against a 'Datuk Seri' homeowner who irked his neighbours and repeatedly ignored stop-work orders for encroaching on public property.

The Star reported today that the unnamed homeowner with the 'Datuk Seri' title allegedly dug up a road shoulder to plant some trees and place several air-conditioner compressors over a public drain in the upscale neighbourhood, earning the ire of his neighbours.

'Wrong is wrong. My special officer is following up on this issue.

'I will personally meet residents and contact MBPJ on this matter,” Shatiri was quoted as saying, referring to the Petaling Jaya City Council.

The MBPJ issued three stop-work orders against the 'Datuk Seri' on May 8, 10 and 11 but these were reportedly ignored.

The council’s enforcement officials also turned up thrice to investigate following complaints from the neighbours.

Petaling Jaya mayor Mohamad Azhan Md Amir said MBPJ will issue compound notices amounting to RM25,000 if necessary, but added that it needed to follow procedure before taking drastic action.

'We have to follow the law before we break any illegal structures.

'The council’s building control department under the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 has issued a demolition notice for installing air-conditioning compressors at the house gate area as well for erecting illegal structures on May 19.

'The owner has to remove it within 14 days. Failing to do so, the council will issue a notice for the owner to vacate the land,' he was quoted as saying.

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