Is a Movie About a Black Serial Killer Really OK in 2021?

Diane Haithman
·1-min read

A movie season distinguished by critically acclaimed, Black-themed projects, including “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” “One Night in Miami” and “Da 5 Bloods,” appears a fitting tribute to the past year’s national reckoning over institutional racism. But is it OK to make a movie about a Black serial killer right now? Independent filmmaker Bill Posley is banking on it. Posley is hard at work on post-production for “Bitch Ass the Movie,” a $200,000 horror genre film about a nerdy, almost 300-pound bullied youth who grows up to force his tormentors to play deadly games for their lives. “I don’t think there has been a Black horror film that has taken place in a Black neighborhood in almost 30 years,” Posley told TheWrap. “I saw an opportunity in the market and I wanted to take a swing at it. The funny thing is, (movies) have portrayed killing in those neighborhoods for a very long time — just not horror.” Posley, who is biracial, said he not only aimed to fill the void in horror films set in communities of color, but he also wanted to enjoy the freedom to create a complex serial killer without being limited by the call for positive...

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