Mount Everest record-breaker sees 'no future' in Nepal

STORY: "This is Everest summit, May 23rd, my 28th summit of Everest."

This record-breaking Sherpa says

he's done climbing Mount Everest

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

(Kami Rita, Mountaineer)

“There is no future in Nepal, so why are we sitting here? // Now, us climbers, we don’t want to stay in Nepal. We want to go abroad.”

53 year-old Kami Rita has

climbed Mount Everest 28 times

But he's now looking to immigrate

to the United States for his family

“The government should also give us something. It gets so much royalty because of us but the government has not helped our children’s education.”

Mountain climbing tourists bring in more

than 4% to Nepal’s $40 billion economy

Rita wants authorities to launch welfare

schemes for climbers who help bring in tourists

like retirement benefits and education for their children