Motorists Stuck on Snowy I-95 in Virginia for More Than 16 Hours

Motorists were stranded for hours overnight on Interstate 95 in Virginia after portions of the snow-covered roadway were blocked by “disabled vehicles and downed trees” near Fredericksburg, Virginia’s Department of Transportation (VDOT) reported.

Videos filmed by Twitter user @KatieSears22 on January 3 and 4 show lines of cars waiting on I-95 southbound about half a mile from the Russel Road Ramp in Stafford, Virginia, 20 miles from Fredericksburg. The source told Storyful they had been stuck on the interstate since around 2 pm on Monday and in the same spot near Stafford since around 6 pm, Monday night. As of 11 am on Tuesday, the source told Storyful they were still in the same place with no signs of help.

“Please @MassGovernor help @GovernorVA get the job done! Boston native stuck on I-95 Virginia for over 12 hours with no food, water, shelter, and running out of gas. Please call a state of emergency and get the national guard in,” @KatieSears22 tweeted.

Virginia Gov Ralph Northam promised help, tweeting: “An emergency message is going to all stranded drivers connecting them to support, and the state is working with localities to open warming shelters as needed.”

The VDOT reported I-95 was still closed and traffic was being diverted to alternate routes as of 11:20 am on Tuesday. Credit: @KatieSears22 via Storyful

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